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Serica evolution series – Episodio 1

Resident Chef Nicola Bonora is happy to introduce the EVOLUTION SERIES
A string of episodes where a Chef friend is welcome to share our space and reinvent our tasting menu, creating an unreplicable experience.
We do so, because we aim to evolve through dialogue and shared experiences, daring to experiment each time something new while having fun, stay tuned!

Iñaki Bolumburu
Originally from Derio, a small town on the outskirts of Bilbao, Iñaki is the first generation of cooks in his family, but his family has always been linked to the environment and its gastronomic tradition, the product; farming, foraging, hunting, fishing, preserving, fermenting …
Before he was tall enough to reach the counter, Iñaki already wanted to help in the kitchen. His first memories with his hands in the dough are when he helped his cousin to batter the zucchini collected from the family garden.
At the age of 15 he entered Artxanda hotel school in the city of Bilbao, where he first met with haute cuisine.
After working and learning the traditional cuisine of his surroundings in several restaurants, he had the opportunity to be part of some of the world’s best restaurants like Mugaritz (San Sebástian, Basque country), Pure C (Cadzand, Netherlands), Noma (Copenaghen, Denmark) and Nerua (Bilbao, Basque country) that shaped him into a chef that he is today. Especially the 4 years in Nerua were very formative, not only because of Iñaki’s position as Josean Alija’s sous-chef and head of his development team, but also because of many travels and

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